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Laquitta and her team of top notch care givers took excellent care of my mom for years. They were there from the beginning til the very end. My mom had dementia and they cared for her like she was family. They were and will always be our family. If you are truly looking for the best of the best, look no further. Contact Laquitta you will be glad you did.


I definititely would reccommend Friends 2 Family care services. Laquitta and her team exibited patience, love, and loyalty to my granny through her illness. Laquitta and her team was there for Dr. appointments, hair and nail appointments and anything in between, and some of the best cooking you will ever have… They did it all, we had no worries. Place your loved one in their care and put your worries at ease, and become family.


What can I say? A LOT… but I’ll keep it simple, Friends 2 Family care services is just that. We are family that started out as clients. Laquitta and her team met and exeeded the care for my mom. They were there for the entire family, when I say exceeded thats exactly what I mean, call her set an appointment, and you will see for yourself.

Ruth Ann