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Adult Sitter Services: Supporting Family Caregivers


Caregiver burnout exists. This can strike even the most energetic and optimistic people or caregivers you know. The emotional strain of watching a beloved family member grow frail and more dependent takes a toll. People become isolated as they lose touch with friends and scale back their social activities due to their busy schedules. At Friends 2 Family Care Services LLC, a trusted Non-medical Home Care in Birmingham, Alabama, we provide adult sitter services.

Caregivers may no longer have the energy for activities they once enjoyed. And some begin unhealthy habits like eating a poor diet and lose track of their personal life outside caregiving. We extend our care services to all the family caregivers out there. We have an amazing and passionate caregiver and sitter to be with your adult loved ones. Our sitter caregivers can cover a wide range of services, including housekeeping services.

Our adult sitter caregivers can ensure that your senior loved ones will remain safe and healthy at home while you are away for some time. There is no more reason to cancel a date or put off an appointment at a salon or with a doctor. Time off without any worry allows you to relax and rejuvenate. You get the chance to return to your caregiving responsibilities happy and refreshed, so they enjoy the time they spend with their loved ones.

Avail our Family Care Services in Alabama today. If you want to know more, know that we keep our lines open for you.

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