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Prevent Senior Falls with These Tips

Prevent Senior Falls with These Tips

A fall can have devastating implications for an elderly person, such as fractured hips, which can lead to a plethora of other health difficulties. A few simple improvements to your home can assist to create a safer environment for your senior loved ones and prevent dangerous senior falls.

The following are some simple house modification recommendations from non-medical home care in Birmingham, Alabama that can be adopted to assist reduce the risk of falls among the elderly.

  • Replace light bulbs regularly to ensure adequate lighting in the home
  • Use nightlights or motion sensor lights for improved visibility at night
  • Install low pile carpet or slip-proof tile
  • Avoid using floor polish
  • Install grab bars on walls around the bathtub and alongside the toilet
  • Add slip-proof mats or strips in and around the tub
  • Install a portable, hand-held shower head
  • Install a padded bath or shower seat

With an increasing number of seniors preferring to age in place at home rather than in assisted living facilities, it is critical to ensure that the home is as safe as possible. Friends 2 Family Care Services LLC’s in-home care team can assist families in assessing the risk of elder falls in the house, making home modification recommendations, and providing the dedicated, loving home care your seniors require.

You may always rely on us if your seniors are having difficulty performing housekeeping, running errands, or require emotional support and company to appointments and events.

Contact us today to learn more about our family care services in Alabama!

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